On Thu, 20 Oct 2016 at 04:48 Skip Montanaro <skip.montanaro@gmail.com> wrote:
I've recently run into a problem building the math and cmath modules
for 2.7. (I don't rebuild very often, so this problem might have been
around for awhile.) My hg repos look like this:

* My cpython repo pulls from https://hg.python.org/cpython

* My 2.7 repo (and other non-tip repos) pulls from my cpython repo

I think this setup was recommended way back in the day when hg was new
to the Python toolchain to avoid unnecessary network bandwidth.

So, if I execute

hg pull
hg update

in first cpython, then 2.7 repos I should be up-to-date, correct?

Nope, you need to execute the same steps in your 2.7 checkout if you're keeping it in a separate directory from your cpython repo that you're referring to (you can also use `hg pull -u` to do the two steps above in a single command).