On Tue, Jun 2, 2020, 9:41 AM Steve Dower 
As is, I use islice() or a break inside a loop, but that hypothetical parameter might be a helpful
> convenience.

Besides, "zip(iter1, iter2, range(5))" is the same length once you include the extra unpack, plus it works well with earlier versions.

Oh yeah. I've done that too. For whatever reason, I think I used to use the extra range, and nowadays I'm more likely to use islice(). I have absolutely no argument why one style or the other is better, just my habit has changed.

In any case, I'm not advocating for truncate=5 behavior. Merely agreeing that the word truncate is not less ambiguous than the word strict. That's not even saying I prefer strict to truncate; itertools.zip_strict() remains my preference. But I could learn either parameter choice easily enough.