I agree that size is an issue, but is it really that bad? Just compare it to the recent "web surge" where everyone is writing desktop apps in HTML5+CSS+JS and bundling a huge WebKit engine in their apps binary.

Python on Windows is seriously in a bad state. IMO, what needs to be prioritized is the ability to make exes that *actually work* with nicer GUI abilities. py2exe gives too many random DLL errors and PyInstaller is an ugly hack that just shoves 20 DLLs with your executable. Mixed with the fact that TkInter looks even uglier when built via py2exe and almost everything else (PyGI, PySide, etc.) requires yet another 20 DLLs (PySide threw in Qt DLLs that I didn't even use!), it's sad. Really sad.

This is most of the reason I write programs that I plan on distributing to various crowds in some statically compiled language (C++, Nim, Felix, not Go) with (when necessary) a statically-linked GUI library. Less DLL hell, less free files, etc.

Oh yeah, and add to that the problems with running both Python 2 and 3 on Windows while using some binaries that want 3 and others that want 2. It's painful.

On May 28, 2015 10:30:33 AM CDT, Steve Dower <Steve.Dower@microsoft.com> wrote:
Donald Stufft wrote:
Well Python 3.4.3 binary is 4kb for me, so you'd have that + your 1KB Python script + whatever other pieces you need.

For contrast, here are the things you need on Windows to be able to get to an interactive prompt (I don't know how other platforms get this down to 4KB...):

* python.exe (or some equivalent launcher) 39KB
* python35.dll 3,788KB
* vcruntime140.dll 87KB (the rest of the CRT is about 1MB, but is not redistributable so doesn't count here)
* 26 files in Lib 343KB

This gets you to ">>>", and basically everything after that is going to fail for some reason. That's an unavoidable 4,257KB.

The rest of the stdlib adds another ~16MB once you exclude the test suite, so a fully functioning Python is not cheap. (Using compressed .pyc's in a zip file can make a big difference here though, assuming you're willing to trade CPU for HDD.)


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