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I would like to open a discussion on the meaning of deprecation warnings in 2.7.
I assume, but I may be wrong, that 2.7 will be the last version in the 2.x
branch.  With this assumption, we should not find many things deprecated in 2.7

On the other hand, the list of py3k deprecation warnings is increasing a lot.
And more users will probably start to move from 2.7 to the 3.1 release.

While working on ticket #7092 and #7849, we started to discuss some proposals
to simplify the deprecation warnings for 2.7.

We discussed these 2 proposals:

 1) in 2.6 there's no distinction between py3k and normal deprecations: they
   share the same category, DeprecationWarning.  The "-3" switch enables the
   py3k DeprecationWarning and SyntaxWarning.
   Do we need to introduce a subclass Py3kDeprecationWarning in 2.7?  It will
   make it easier to separate both kinds of deprecations (2.x and 3.x), and
   to filter them.

 2) a different idea is to deprecate the "-3" switch and consider all py3k
   deprecations as normal deprecations.  They will be hidden by default
   thanks to #7309.  Since there's no future for the 2.x branch, it seems
   normal to consider the migration from 2.7 to 3.1 and show these warnings
   when the developer uses "-Wd" switch.

What do you expect as DeprecationWarning in 2.7?

I like option 2; we are serious about trying to make 2.7 the last in the 2.x series, which means if you care about deprecations then you are caring about Python 3. So I say make -3 the equivalent of -Wd in Python 2.7



I will post a list of the DeprecationWarnings in the python trunk, in a
followup message, for a review, and to help the discussion.

Best regards,

Florent Xicluna

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