Hi dev-team, I'm reopening the discussion of PEP 473, which was closed due to:

The steering council felt the PEP was too broad and not focused enough. Discussions about adding more attributes to built-in exceptions can continue on the issue tracker on a per-exception basis (and obviously here for any broader points, e.g. performance implications as I know that has come up before when the idea of storing relevant objects on exceptions).

Before the PEP was rejected by the SC, I had submitted https://github.com/python/cpython/pull/6271 and the last response said:

You may propose a newly revised PEP which overcomes the last SC feedback.
But without the accepted PEP, this PR can not be merged.

Please clarify how can I proceed with adding some of the specified fields to the mentioned exceptions. Should I create a new PEP as suggested in the PR or should we create individual BPO issues for each exception modification.

Sebastian Kreft