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... make sense of what they’re reading.
Some of us have that problem with type-embellished code now. I'm not sure a little language would be such a bad idea. 🤔 Fortunately, my relationship to the working world allows me to simply ignore explicit typing. 😉

Yeah, that was my take too, until about a year ago.

In the last year I’ve contributed mods to two packages that were rejected because I hadn’t provided typing (and black formatting, but that’s a different subject). I’ve reluctantly done so. And while I *hated* it because of the unreadability I _do_ like the outcome: I changed some of the APIs because they were doing things “my way”, but that was really pretty impossible to explain to the typing system. The modified APIs are arguably cleaner.

I’m not yet at the point where I’m going to type all the packages and other stuff I maintain, but I _am_ contemplating doing it, eventually, maybe, if I find the time, procrastination willing, …. 


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