Two of them are useless (x86 Windows Server 2003 [SB] and x86 XP-4, to be precise), but the fact that everything other than test_asdl_parser passes is a very valuable signal. AMD64 Windows 7 SP1 is also using the correct compiler.


Since some of our core developers are yet to upgrade, I’m not against keeping the one VS 2010 buildbot around for now. When MSFT comes up with a better way of getting the compiler than installing 8GB+ of interactive environment, then I’ll be more forceful about it (and yes, I’m helping encourage the relevant teams).





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From: Larry Hastings [] On Behalf Of Larry Hastings
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2015 1530
To: Steve Dower; Python Dev; python-committers
Cc: Yury Selivanov; Benjamin Peterson
Subject: Re: [python-committers] Can we clean up the buildbots please?


On 05/22/2015 03:06 PM, Steve Dower wrote:

The Windows 7 buildbots are failing on test_asdl_parser, but I have no idea why – the test works for me just fine. Yury and Benjamin made the most recent changes to Python.asdl, but I have no idea what effect they would have here, or why it’s Windows only.


The WS2K3 machine needs a reboot – I pinged Trent about that months ago – and the XP one isn’t supported for 3.5.


Pending the test_asdl_parser fix, I’d also like to see AMD64 Windows 8 ( be promoted to stable, as it’s one of only two currently using the right compiler.

So what you seem to be saying is, the Windows buildbots provide no useful signal and should be ignored?

Is MSVS 2015 the only supported compiler for Python 3.5 on Windows?  What's the other buildbot using MSVS 2015?