On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 8:09 PM, Jesus Cea <jcea@argo.es> wrote:
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Trent Nelson wrote:
| I remember those rampant BSDDB crashes on Windows well.

| basically, the tests weren't cleaning up their environment in
| the right order, so BSDDB was getting passed completely and
| utterly bogus values.

Next week I will (if nothing goes wrong) publish pybsddb 4.6.4. This
release supports distributed transactions and replication, testsuite is
way faster, and rewritten to be able to launch tests from multiple
threads/processes if you wish, setuptools/pypi support, etc.

I think this release would be appropiate to integrate in Python. I think
most demands are solved and new features are interesting (replication,
distributed transactions, do not crash when closing objects in the wrong
order...). Also, I completed the documentation, with the full supported
API, and ported it to Python 2.6 documentation system. The result:


I'm very interested in integrating this release in Python 2.6 for the
new features, the full documentation, and to get feedback from Buildbot
and python-dev community. Also, I would like to avoid to integrate
pybsddb late in the python 2.6 release cycle; I hope to be away of my
computer in August! :).

I'm a bit nervous about syncing, because I have the feeling that
python-dev is committing changes to python private branch of pybsddb. I
would rather prefer patches send to me and integrate "canonical" pybsddb
releases in Python frequently.

Somebody suggested to post patches in the tracker, but I think this is
not going to work. The diff from current python bsddb and the official
version is so huge that nobody could follow it. A more sensible
approach, I think, is to "diff" current python pybsddb against the
version I used as my root (January?), integrate the changes in current
"canonical" pybsddb and, then, drop the entire updated package into python.

Agreed.  I "forked" jcea's version found in his svn repository from python trunk at r60209.

The only change to any Modules/*bsddb*  files made to python trunk since then was me manually applying one bugfix that jcea had made in his repository.  My goal all along had been to merge his changes back into python trunk until he had commit access.  Obviously I haven't had time to do that.

The changes to Lib/bsddb/* since then have been test suite updates which I think jcea should go through and selectively merge as appropriate into his repository (he has done a lot of test suite cleanup). ( svn://svn.argo.es/jcea/pybsddb/trunk )

After that, merging his changes into trunk will be relatively easy and I think we should give jcea commit access and let him do it and henceforth use python svn as the official repository for the pybsddb code and documentation.

I do not see this as a daunting task assuming jcea is willing to be volunteered to do the merge and to handle any py3k merge issues that come up.

Alternatively: (removal of bsddb from the standard library)

If people want to go the other route a remove bsddb from Python all together letting it thrive as a standalone addon module, what will this mean to the old shelve and dbhash standard library that use bsddb?  Someone should write a sqlite backend for shelve.  Either way it should not be removed from 2.6 as it needs to be marked at deprecated for one release round only to be taken out in 2.7 and that does leave open the question of should it exist in 3.0 at all or just start out deprecated there?