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On Thu, 13 Jul 2006 19:19:08 +0100, Michael Hudson <mwh@python.net> wrote:
>glyph@divmod.com writes:

>> For example, did anyone here know that the new-style exceptions stuff in 2.5
>> caused hundreds of unit-test failures in Twisted?  I am glad the change was
>> made, and one of our users did catch it, so the process isn't fatally broken,
>> but it is still worrying.
>When implementing this stuff, I could have (... snip ...)

To be clear, I agree with the decision you made in this particular case.  I
just would have appreciated the opportunity to participate in the
discussion before the betas were out and the featureset frozen.  (Of course I
*can* always do that, and some other Twisted devs watch python-dev a bit more
closely than I do, but the point is that the amount of effort required to do
this is prohibitive for the average Python hacker, whereas the time to set up an
individual buildbot might not be.)

One way to try to track python-dev is the python-dev Summaries.  While Steven is only human and thus  cannot always get them out immediately, they do happen frequently enough that major decisions will be covered before betas are hit.


(Aside: IMHO, the sooner we can drop old-style classes entirely, the better.
That is one bumpy Python upgrade process that I will be _very_ happy to do.
There's no way to have documentation that expresses the requirement that an
implementation of an interface be new-style or old-style without reference to
numerous historical accidents, which are bewildering and upsetting to people
reading documentation for the first time.)
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