On 1/8/2022 2:05 PM, Skip Montanaro wrote:
> ... make sense of what they’re reading.

Some of us have that problem with type-embellished code now. I'm not sure a little language would be such a bad idea. 🤔 Fortunately, my relationship to the working world allows me to simply ignore explicit typing. 😉

Way, way BITD I recall leaning on a crutch to generate complex C type declarations. I no longer recall what it was called, but you gave it a restricted English description of what you wanted ("function returning pointer to function returning void pointer" or something similar) and it spit out the necessary line noise.


Oh yes, I remember that... went Googling and found  https://cdecl.org/ which is apparently the "modern" online version of that old tool.

I guess typing features might be useful for people that refuse to write/read comments, but I mostly ignore the typing stuff too... and hope I can continue to.