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September 15, 2020 4:02 PM, "Daniel Butler" <dabutler89@gmail.com> wrote:
> Users would be encouraged to try it but

> NOT to publish code using it.
Thinking out loud, macros could be enabled with a command line flag. Advanced users would know how to use it but others would not. If the macro flag is not enabled it raises a syntax error. Thoughts?
Thank you!

Daniel Butler

A command line flag would be slightly better. All the documentation warnings in the world will not be enough to prevent all the cargo culters from creating some of the hardest to read code you ever saw.

If you're talking about a command line flag, I suggest you read the pre-PEP.  The proposal requires explicit import-like syntax to bring the macro in for parsing of code in the duration of the scope of that import.  Which is actually what you'd want for this kind of thing: explicitly declaring which additional / alternate syntax features you use in the code using it. It is similar from the existing `from __future__ import behavior` system.