I'm still waiting on Python 2.7 for Android! Stuck on 2.6 for now...ugh!

Wonder if I can build it myself...

Barry Warsaw <barry@python.org> wrote:
Hello Pythonistas,

Python 2.6.9 is the last planned release of the 2.6.x series. This will be a
security-only source-only release. It is currently scheduled for October
2013, and after this Python 2.6 will have reached its end-of-life and the
branch will be retired.


I would like to release 2.6.9rc1 on Monday, September 30th, and 2.6.9 final on
Monday, October 28th. I've added both dates to the Python calendar.

Here are the list of candidates still to be fixed for 2.6.9:

- 18747 - Re-seed OpenSSL's PRNG after fork
- 16037 - httplib: header parsing is not delimited
- 16038 - ftplib: unlimited readline() from connection
- 16039 - imaplib: unlimited readline() from connection
- 16040 - nntplib: unlimited readline() from connection
- 16041 - poplib: unlimited readline() from connection
- 16042 - smtplib: unlimited readline() from connection
- 16043 - xmlrpc: gzip_decode has unlimited read()

These were the ones I previously had on my list, and I've now marked these all
as release blockers for 2.6.9... for now.

If you know of any others that I should be aware of, please let me know.

If you can contribute to 2.6.9 by reviewing, testing, developing, or
commenting, that would be greatly appreciated. I will be spending some time
triaging these and any other issues that get identified as possible 2.6.9

If you have any questions regarding 2.6.9, please contact me via mailing list
or IRC.


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