On 05/06/2016 08:34 AM, Larry Hastings wrote:
That's perfectly cromulent!  I'm going to piggyback on that for 3.4.  Therefore, 3.4.4 rc1 will be on June 11th, and 3.4.4 final will be on June 25.

Whoops, a whole bunch of off-by-one bugs.

First, I'll be releasing 3.4.5 in June.  3.4.4 was released in December 2015.  D'oh!

Second, Benjamin and I have slightly different approaches--I like to tag on Saturday and release on Sunday.  Therefore 3.4.5 rc1 will be released June 12th, and 3.4.5 final will be released June 26th.  (3.4.5 rc1 will be tagged Saturday June 11, 3.4.5 final will be tagged June 25th.)

The release schedule PEP has all the correct numbers and dates and such.

That'll teach me to send these emails while half-asleep,