amazing job on getting us back on track over the weekend.

Thank you
All release blockers and deferred release blockers solved. And there was relatively little additional activity on the branch -- as expected at this point! Thank you for this, it will help get the release candidate out on time.

I'm working on cutting RC1 today
Hopefully all sanity checks, as well as building the source tarball and the binary installers for macOS and Windows will all work out fine and we'll be seeing RC1 out tonight.

RC2 and the date of 3.8.0 gold
If we manage to avoid the need for RC2, we will be able to release 3.8.0 on October 14th. If we need an RC2, that will slip by a week. I hope we won't. Ideally RC1 should be identical codewise to 3.8.0.

To help our chances, please avoid any source-related activity on the 3.8 branch from now until the release of 3.8.0. Yes, that also counts for bug fixes unless they are critical. (Yeah, it might be a bit annoying but nobody wants to be the person who introduced a last minute regression in a major release.)

Note I didn't say I forbid any activity. I have no power over you, actually. More importantly though, I trust your judgement if you assess some bug is bad enough the fix absolutely has to get into 3.8.0. Moreover, I specifically said source-related activity because...

3.8.0 is important. To some users it will be the first and the last release in the 3.8 series they will see.

We need you to focus on the docs now
Are all your changes properly documented?
Did you notice other changes you know of to have insufficient documentation?
Can you help with the "What's New" document?

anxiously configure-&&-makingly y'rs
- Ł