Hi Brett, thanks for the feedback!

Please check with the PSF that this is what we really want.

Gladly, but … how? I'm very new to all those process and have now idea on how I can get in touch with PSF lawyers.

What kind of support does Read the Docs have for translations? I have no active plans to push for this but it has been idea in the back of my head for a while so it would be good to know if such a move would make this easier or harder.

Read the Docs support translations [1]_, quoting them:

> To support this, you will have one parent project and a number
> of projects marked as translations of that parent. Let’s use
> phpmyadmin as an example.

> The main phpmyadmin project is the parent for all translations.
> Then you must create a project for each translation, for
> example phpmyadmin-spanish. You will set the Language for
> phpmyadmin-spanish to Spanish. In the parent projects
> Translations page, you will say that phpmyadmin-spanish is a
> translation for your project.

> This has the results of serving:
> - phpmyadmin at http://phpmyadmin.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
> - phpmyadmin-spanish at http://phpmyadmin.readthedocs.io/es/latest/

Which is nice as it's almost the same syntax the PEP proposes for paths: /{language_tag}/{version_tag}.
Their language tags are simplified too (redundency removed (fr-FR → fr)) but not lowercased, and they
use underscore "instead of" dashes as a separator, see for example:


while the PEP proposes /pt-br/ instead.

.. [1] Project with multiple translations

Julien Palard