> > And I guess this is subjective:  conversely, the API you're proposing
> > doesn't feel Pythonic to me. :-)  I'd like the hear the opinion of other
> > python-dev readers.
> I agree with Mark: the proposed median, median.low, etc., doesn't feel
> right. Is there any example of doing this in the stdlib? I suggest just
> median(), median_low(), etc.

I too prefer the median_low naming rather than median.low.  I'm not
sure I can articulate why, but certainly the fact that that latter
isn't used anywhere else in the stdlib that I can think of is
probably a lot of it :)

Perhaps the underlying thought is that we don't use classes pure
function namespaces:  we expect classes to be something more than

Certainly. Python does not force the "everything is a class" philosophy of Java and Ruby. Classes have their uses, but namespacing isn't it. There are modules for namespaces.