2016-02-15 1:20 GMT+01:00 Demur Rumed <gunkmute@gmail.com>:
I remember trying WPython; it was fast. Unfortunately it feels it came at the wrong time when development was invested in getting py3k out the door.

Not only that. IMO the primary problem was related to the fact the "patch" was too big to be reviewed. Unfortunately it was my first attempt, and having worked alone I introduced too much optimizations and (heavy) changes to the code. An incremental approach should have worked better, albeit I believe that such drastic move from the consolidated bytecodes to the new wordcodes would have produced strong resistance anyway.
It also had a lot of other ideas like *_INT instructions which allowed having oparg to be a constant int rather than needing to LOAD_CONST one.

This, specifically, was an experiment that I made with WPython 1.1, which I recommend to do not follow. There are other, more general, ways to speedup the execution when dealing with integers.