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On Mon, 29 Apr 2019, 09:55 Chris Withers, <> wrote:
On 28/04/2019 22:21, Robert Collins wrote:
> Thank you!

Thank me when we get there ;-) Currently in Dec 2018 with a wonderful
Py2 failure:

ERROR: test_autospec_getattr_partial_function
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "mock/tests/", line 973, in
     autospec = create_autospec(proxy)
   File "mock/", line 2392, in create_autospec
     for entry in dir(spec):
TypeError: __dir__() must return a list, not str

Once we're done, I'll need a username/password that can write to ...

> If I understand correctly this is just the hg style branch backport
> consequence, multiple copies of a change. Should be safe to skip those.

Yep, current script I've been using is here, high level highlighted: