> >
> > PEP: -1
> > tracker: +1
> I agree. Then we can set some status/keyword when the subject of a RFE
> is accepted by core developers, saying "if someone proposes a patch,
> it has a chance to be reviewed and applied".
> It may incite occasional contributors to work on some of these tasks,
> confident that their work will not be thrown away in two seconds.

My issue with keeping the RFEs in the tracker as they are is that it
artificially inflates the open issue count. Python does not have over
1,700 open bugs.

So I have no issue with keeping the RFEs in the tracker, at some point
I do want to change how they are represnted so that they are a
separate things from issues representing bugs and patches.


Sure but thats merely a tracker problem.  Change your count to bugs not marked as a rfe / feature-request and you've got your real count.  Tracker entries for rfes are much better than a languid document.