On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 5:03 PM Victor Stinner <vstinner@redhat.com> wrote:

I read quickly the PEP

I would like to encourage everyone to read PEPs so that they never feel the need to write those words ever again. ;)

PEPs are never decided in less than 24 hours, so there is no rush to read a PEP as quickly as possible in order to reply ASAP. We also have so much volume as it is when discussing PEPs that I think we should be encouraging people to take the time to be informed by reading thoroughly before replying so the back-and-forth is minimized and optimized for impactful discussions (personally, I would love it if we all aimed for one, thorough response/day when discussing PEPs, but that's just me). Otherwise we end up with way more time spent in replies to things that would not have been necessary to ask if we took our time reading. Remember, every email you send is read by tons of other people and so there's a real time commitment you're asking of the world every time you hit that Reply button.