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Thomas Wouters schrieb:
> (Only for header
> files that should really be internal, of course, not ones that are
> oft-used outside the core.)

Which are these?

Mostly structmember.h and structseq.h, less often code.h, compile.h, frameobject.h, marshal.h. Aside from the ones that are already prefixed with 'py' and not included by Python.h (pythread.h, pyexpat.h maybe?) I'm not sure which should really be public. Both structmember.h and structseq.h are generally useful to extension modules -- I've used both, although I don't think I would have used structseq if I wasn't already quite aware of it. The rest is useful only for extension modules that want to muck about with internals (like profilers, debuggers, custom marshalmunching and nasty extension modules that want to hook into Python internals that are not easily hooked into) and they will have to deal with less backward compatibility at the source and binary level anyway -- let them fix their imports.

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