On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 5:48 PM Oscar Benjamin <oscar.j.benjamin@gmail.com> wrote:
There have been significant improvements in pip, pypi and the whole
packaging ecosystem in recent years thanks to the efforts of many
including Paul. I've been pushing students and others to Anaconda
simply because I knew that at minimum they would need numpy, scipy and
matplotlib and that pip would fail to install those. That has changed
in the last year or two: it is now possible to pip install binaries
for those packages and many others on the 3 major OSes. I don't see
any reason to recommend Anaconda to my students now.

One advantage of conda over pip is avoidance of typosquatting on PyPI.

It's not a huge problem for my students but I think an important thing
missing from all of this is a GUI for pip. The situation Paul
described is that you can instruct someone to install Python using the
python.org installer but cannot then instruct them to use pip from a
terminal and I can certainly relate to that. If installing Python gave
you a GUI from the programs menu that could install the other pieces
that would be a significant improvement.

I haven't checked in about a year, but the Windows installer from python.org wouldn't set the PATH such that python or pip were not valid executables at the DOS prompt. Fixing that one (simple?) thing would also be a significant improvement.