Since tweaking the built-in exceptions is so far-reaching, probably at least discussing each proposed change (one at a time, not 5 at once) would be the minimum. Otherwise you could do a PEP, but once again you're looking at a PEP per exception. I think it's really going to come down to how big of an addition it is per exception, how easy it would be to have a memory leak, what the API to setting the attribute(s) would look like, etc.

On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 1:22 PM Victor Stinner <> wrote:
Context: PEP 473 "Adding structured data to built-in exceptions"
proposed in 2014.

Abstract: "Exceptions like AttributeError, IndexError, KeyError,
LookupError, NameError, TypeError, and ValueError do not provide all
information required by programmers to debug and better understand
what caused them. Furthermore, in some cases the messages even have
slightly different formats, which makes it really difficult for tools
to automatically provide additional information to diagnose the
problem. To tackle the former and to lay ground for the latter, it is
proposed to expand these exceptions so to hold both the offending and
affected entities."

For example the PEP proposes to add "target" and "attribute"
attributes to AttributeError.

PS: Please give at least the PEP title for me when you mention a PEP
only by its number, I'm unable to remember what are the 500+ PEP :-(


On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 7:49 PM Sebastian Kreft <> wrote:
> Hi dev-team, I'm reopening the discussion of PEP 473, which was closed due to:
> The steering council felt the PEP was too broad and not focused enough. Discussions about adding more attributes to built-in exceptions can continue on the issue tracker on a per-exception basis (and obviously here for any broader points, e.g. performance implications as I know that has come up before when the idea of storing relevant objects on exceptions).
> Before the PEP was rejected by the SC, I had submitted and the last response said:
> You may propose a newly revised PEP which overcomes the last SC feedback.
> But without the accepted PEP, this PR can not be merged.
> Please clarify how can I proceed with adding some of the specified fields to the mentioned exceptions. Should I create a new PEP as suggested in the PR or should we create individual BPO issues for each exception modification.
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> Sebastian Kreft
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