On Sat Feb 14 2015 at 3:17:51 AM Victor Stinner <victor.stinner@gmail.com> wrote:
2015-02-14 11:57 GMT+01:00 Victor Stinner <victor.stinner@gmail.com>:
> I propose something else: a DirEntry.inode read-only property (...)

Full DirEntry API:

- name (str) attribute
- path (str) read-only property, created at the first call
- inode (int or None) attribute <=== my proposition

+1 we need to provide the inode (we shouldn't be throwing anything from the underlying directory entry away when possible). But...

I think the "or None" semantics are a bad idea.  It'd be better for this to raise AttributeError on Windows so that someone can't write the most natural form of code assuming that inode is valid and have it appear to work on Windows when in fact it'd do the wrong thing.
- is_dir(*, follow_symlinks=True)
- is_file(*, follow_symlinks=True)
- is_symlink(*, follow_symlinks=True)
- stat(*, follow_symlinks=True)

is_dir(), is_file(), is_symlink() and stat() are method because they
may all require a syscall (os.stat or os.lstat). They all cache their
result. In some cases, the result is already known when DirEntry is
created. In most cases, a single call to os.stat() is required to fill
the result of all methods.

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