Hi Inada,

Thank you for submitting PEP 624 (Remove Py_UNICODE encoder APIs). The Steering Council is happy to accept it, but we do have two conditions. We want to make sure that the documentation is clear on what is deprecated, and when they are scheduled to be removed. For example, PyUnicode_TransformDecimalToASCII is itself not currently marked as deprecated (although the section header does mention the deprecation, that is easy to miss), PyUnicode_TranslateCharmap is scheduled for removal in 4.0, and PyUnicode_AsUnicode has two deprecation notices, one mentioning removal in 3.10 and one in 3.12.

We would also like to make sure users who need to migrate off of these APIs have the information necessary to do so. The PEP currently lists alternatives with caveats, and it's not immediately obvious from the PEP or the API documentation what the right alternative is for those caveats. As a condition of this PEP’s acceptance, we request that you fully document the recommended workarounds for these caveats. We do recognise that PyUnicode_EncodeDecimal is currently entirely undocumented. Documenting at this stage is probably not worth the effort, but perhaps it could be mentioned in a brief ‘porting’ section in the PEP instead.

With the Python Steering Council's gratitude,
Thomas Wouters <thomas@python.org>

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