Sounds good overall! I only have one thing to suggest in regards to the license, two grammar tweaks, and a question.

On Wed, 29 Mar 2017 at 08:10 Julien Palard via Python-Dev <> wrote:
Sources of translated documentation will be hosted in the Python
organization on GitHub:  Contributors will
have to sign the Python Contributor Agreement (CLA) and the license
will be the PSF License.

Please check with the PSF that this is what we really want. In the past the suggestion has been to **not** use the PSF license with all of its historical baggage but instead use something like Apache. But since IANAL we really should ask the PSF what the best license for new code is.
The CLA bot may be used on the translation repositories, but with a
limited effect as local coordinators may synchronize themselves with
translations from an external tool, like transifex, and loose track
of who translated what in the process.

"loose" -> "lose"

Other tools may be used later

"be used later like".

Create sphinx-doc Language Switcher

Highly similar to the version switcher, a language switcher must be
implemented.  This language switcher must be configurable to hide or
show a given language.

The language switcher will only have to update or add the language
segment to the path like the current version switcher does.  Unlike
the version switcher, no preflight are required as destination page
always exists (translations does not add or remove pages).
Untranslated (but existing) pages still exists, they should however be
rendered as so, see `Enhance Rendering of Untranslated and Fuzzy

What kind of support does Read the Docs have for translations? I have no active plans to push for this but it has been idea in the back of my head for a while so it would be good to know if such a move would make this easier or harder.