On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 9:39 AM Baptiste Carvello <devel2021@baptiste-carvello.net> wrote:
Le 13/04/2021 à 04:24, Guido van Rossum a écrit :
> I've been thinking about this a bit, and I think that the way forward is
> for Python to ignore the text of annotations ("relaxed annotation
> syntax"), not to try and make it available as an expression.

Then, what's wrong with quoting? It's just 2 characters, and prevent the
user (or their IDE) from trying to parse them as Python syntax.

Informal user research has shown high resistance to quoting.
As a comparison: docstrings do get quoting, even though they also have
special semantics in the language.

Not the same thing. Docstrings use English, which has no formal (enough) syntax. The idea for annotations is that they *do* have a formal syntax, it just evolves separately from that of Python itself.

--Guido van Rossum (python.org/~guido)