On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 7:35 AM, Victor Stinner <victor.stinner@gmail.com> wrote:
> Are you on the 2.7 branch or the default branch?
> You might try to cleanup your checkout:
> hg up -C -r 2.7
> make distclean
> hg purge # WARNING! it removes *all* files not tracked by Mercurial
> ./configure && make
> You should also paste the full error message.

I am on the 2.7 branch. My tree looks like this:


As I indicated, the cpython repo pulls from the central repo. The 3.6 and 2.7 branches pull from cpython. The other 3.x branches pull from the 3.x+1 branch.

Sorry, I no longer have the error message. I wasn't thinking in the correct order, and executed the suggested hg purge command before retrieving the error message from my build.out file.

In any case, there seemed to be something about the hg up command:

% hg up -C -r 2.7
6 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved

A plain hg up command didn't update any files. Looking at 2.7/Makefile.pre.in, I see it now has the necessary target for _math.o. That must have been one of the six updated files.

Is there some deficiency in a plain hg update command which suggests I should always use the more complex command you suggested? It's not a huge deal typing-wise, as I use a shell script to rebuild my world, doing the necessary work to update and build each branch.