I am well aware of this.  In the SO question I referenced, being the first google hit related this this... that is the answer *I* gave.  It only works, in my experience, 60% of the time, and not with two biggie packages (pywin32, for which you have to go to third parties to get the wheel, which do not include all of pywin32, and wxpython) and perhaps more.

On 2/3/2016 14:32, Matthew Einhorn wrote:
On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 3:15 AM, Alexander Walters <tritium-list@sdamon.com> wrote:
...just when I thought I have solved the registry headaches I have been dealing with...

I am not saying this proposal will make the registry situation worse, but it may break my solution to the headaches Python's registry use causes with some non-standard module installers (and even the standard distutils exe installers, but that is being mitigated).  In the wild exist modules with their own EXE or MSI installers that check the registry for 'the system python'.  No matter how hard you hit them, they will only install to *that one python*. 

If I remember correctly, you can use `wheel convert filename.exe` on those installers which create a wheel that you can install. I think that's what I used to do with pywin32 before pypiwin32 came along.

I just tested it and it still works on the pywin32 exe.

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