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On Aug 19, 2006, at 3:28 AM, Steve Holden wrote:
> It's going to be very interesting to see what comes out of the Google
> sprints. I am sure the 64-bitters will be out in force, so there'll be

Hmmm, we'll be working on our laptops, as is typical of sprints, so
I'm not sure how many 64-bit machines will in fact be around -- we'll

FWIW, I have access to a pair of AMD64 machines with 16Gb RAM and several hundred Gb swap. I can't give anyone else access, but I can run tests and debug.
Sprints are indeed a fascinating idea and have proven they work, in
an open-source context -- I do wonder if they could be made to work
in other contexts, and I'm sure many others are wondering similarly.

We've had commercial, private "sprints" at XS4ALL for years, every 6 months or so, until last year. We didn't call them sprints and they obviously weren't as freeform as the Python sprints, but the concept was the same (as well as the atmosphere.) We stopped having them because the number of concurrent projects was consistently larger than the number of programmers, which makes the sprinting setup somewhat useless.

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