Thanks for the reply.

This question is out of scope for python-dev; use

The last time I tried a question about the msi installer on python-list, no one answered, so I thought it might be more appropriate for the dev list.

I actually thought this might be a bug with the new windows installer, because this used to work with the 2.5.x installers. Before, using the exact same msiexec command and options, a Python25 directory would be created containing the required (if not already present) msvcr70.dll.

My guess is that you have installed "for all users" in the command line,
so msvcr90.dll went into system32.

I tried passing in the option ALLUSERS=0, which should be the default, and it still did not work. Also, the dll is not anywhere on the system, and the Python installed with msiexec will not run without it.

Anyway, I still can't figure out any way use msiexec to install 2.6.1 and create the needed msvcr90.dll. Maybe it's not possible?

Thanks again, I'll try this question on python-list.