Hello PythonDevvers,

I apologise in advance. This is slightly off topic. This will be my only post on the subject.

PyCXX (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cxx/) accomplishes roughly the same as Boost::Python (C++ wrapper for CPython), only without requiring Boost.

The original code has become tangled and bloated.  
Over the winter I've rewritten it using C++11.  New C++11 features have allowed for more direct/compact/concise/readable code.

I've called my rewrite PiCxx and put it up here: https://github.com/p-i-/PiCxx

PiCxx only supports Python3 currently, as that is all I need for my own use.  It wouldn't be too much work to add 2.x support.  Also I've only tested it on my OSX system (although it is designed to be cross-platform).  It offers an alternative to Boost::Python that doesn't require Boost.

Improvements, suggestions, bug fixes, etc are all welcome.

Well, that's all. I originally subscribed to this list because I thought I might need some help navigating some of the dark corners of the CPython API, but thanks to a handful of Samurai on SO and IRC I seem to have scraped through.

I will unsubscribe in due course; it's been charming to spend awhile in the belly of the snake, and humbling to witness how hard you guys work.

Happy spring everyone,