Which kind of usage do you see in Cython?

Off-topic (PEP 510):

I really want to experiment automatic generation of Cython code from the Python using profiling to discover function parameters types. Then use the PEP 510 to attach the fast Cython code to a Python function, but fallback to bytecode if the types are different. See the example of builtin functions in the PEP:

Before having something fully automated, we can use some manual steps, like annotate manually function types, compile manually the code, etc.


Le jeudi 14 avril 2016, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml@behnel.de> a écrit :
+1 from me, too. I'm sure we can make some use of this in Cython.


Victor Stinner schrieb am 14.04.2016 um 17:19:
> PEP: 509
> Title: Add a private version to dict

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