Ned Deily is in charge of the Mac build (as well as current release manager).  Within the last week, he revised the official builds (now two, I believe) for 3.7.0b1, due in a day or so.  One will be a future oriented 64-bit build.  The PR and What's New have more.

What's New doesn't mention it, but Ned's annoucemtn does:

Attention macOS users: with 3.7.0b1, we are providing a choice of
two binary installers.  The new variant provides a 64-bit-only
version for macOS 10.9 and later systems; this variant also now
includes its own built-in version of Tcl/Tk 8.6.  We welcome your

So that's a start -- thanks Ned!

He may not be reading this thread, but will read MacOS tracker issues with a specific proposal, data and a patch.  Comparisons should be against the current master or an installed 3.7.0b1.

I hope the folks on this thread that know what they are doing can test and make suggestions :-)



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