I’m looking. Nobody in any of their reports has actually said what the line endings *are* in they install yet (I assume \n), and I haven’t had a chance to check yet.


Do we have a minimum git version requirement? Maybe I need to update my build machine.


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From: Victor Stinner
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 2:27
To: Python Dev; Steve Dower
Subject: test_sax and test_random fail on Python 3.6.2rc1 on Windows




The end-of-line hell is not over, test_sax and test_random tests are

still failing if you install Python 3.6.2rc1 on Windows:



These tests rely on files in Lib/test/. The end-of-line of these files

is controlled by .gitattributes, but it seems like the Windows

installer changed the end-of-line or the file were not correctly

created on the Git clone (.gitattributes ignored)?


In my Git checkout on Windows, Lib/test/xmltestdata/test.xml.out and

Lib/test/randv2_32.pck use UNIX end-of-line (\n).


While it's possible to fix test_sax to translate the end-of-line, I

would prefer to not have to modify test_random which opens a pickle

binary file (Lib/test/randv2_32.pck).


So, can someone look how the Windows installer stores and then

installs these files?