On 22/03/2020 22:25, Dennis Sweeney wrote:
Here's an updated version.

Online: https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0616/
Source: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/python/peps/master/pep-0616.rst

    - More complete Python implementation to match what the type checking in the C implementation would be
    - Clarified that returning ``self`` is an optimization
    - Added links to past discussions on Python-Ideas and Python-Dev
    - Specified ability to accept a tuple of strings
    - Shorter abstract section and fewer stdlib examples
    - Mentioned 
    - Typo and formatting fixes

I didn't change the name because it didn't seem like there was a strong consensus for an alternative yet. I liked the suggestions of ``dropprefix`` or ``removeprefix``.

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it would not be obvious for users to have to call 'foobar'.cutprefix(('foo,)) for the common use case of a single prefix.

Missing single quote after the last foo.

>>> s = 'foobar' * 100 + 'bar'
>>> prefixes = ('bar', 'foo')
>>> while len(s) != len(s := s.cutprefix(prefixes)): pass
>>> s

or the more obvious and readable alternative:

>>> s = 'foo' * 100 + 'bar'
>>> prefixes = ('bar', 'foo')
>>> while s.startswith(prefixes): s = s.cutprefix(prefixes)
>>> s

Er no, in both these examples s is reduced to an empty string.

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Rob Cliffe