On Fri, 3 Jul 2020 at 08:50, Ivan Pozdeev via Python-Dev <python-dev@python.org> wrote:

Per https://mail.python.org/archives/list/python-dev@python.org/message/KQSHT5RZPPUBBIALMANFTXCMIBGSIR5Z/, we're talking about an infinitely
less impactful peps repo (per https://mail.python.org/archives/list/python-dev@python.org/message/64LIUO4C3EWT45YCTRZLDA7B7IE33IXA/, only 6
people in the entire world would be affected).

It will not affect only 6 people.

That is just the number of people who have forks that we know about and even those who do not have forks but maintain a copy (for whatever reason) of the main branch will be affected: they will have to reset their branch or do some other malarkey to get this new "improved" history. This will be a much bigger group of people and also potentially software solutions that are mirroring the repo for one reason or another.

That's one of the prices you pay (or I would say benefit) for having a decentralized version control system: it makes it hard to rewrite (supposedly "improve") history.