Just kind of "looking around" at stuff I can help with, and I noticed a few days ago that Windows 10 AMD64 builds of Python 3.6/3.7/3.x are generally failing.

It seems like the failures started April 16th around 1am per BuildBot and went from consistently passing to consistently failing.  The errors appear to be timeouts; the test runs are going over 15 minutes.

I can run the tests locally and things seem fine.

The one thing which seems to have changed is, under the "10 slowest tests" header, test_io has shot up in terms of time to complete:

3.6: 2 min 13 sec to 9 min 25 sec
3.7: 2 min 10 sec to 9 min 26 sec
3.x: 3 min 39 sec to 9 min 17 sec

Locally this test suite runs in around 36 seconds.  I see no real change between running one of the last "good" changesets versus the current head of master.  I'm suspecting an issue on the build agent perhaps?  Thoughts?

Best Regards,
Paul Goins