On 25.06.2015 21:11, Andrew Svetlov wrote:
Another issue that bothers me, is code reuse. Independent from whether the
'async def' makes sense or not, it would not allow us to reuse asyncio
functions as if they were normal functions and vice versa (if I understood
that correctly). So, we would have to implement things twice for the asyncio
world and the classic world. To me, it would be important to use one
function in either world where it suits me better. I am uncertain if that
makes sense but right now it does to me.

Yes, you cannot call async function from synchronous code. There are
two worlds: classic and async.

My point is: why does everyone assume that it has to be like that?

Thanks for these links; nice reads and reflect exactly what I think about these topics. Btw. complex numbers basically works the same way (same API) as integers. I would like to see that for functions and awaitables as well.

Still, the general assumption is: "the sync/async split is inherent in the problem domain". Why? I do not see that inherent split.

I do not like wrappers IF it is just because to have wrappers. We already have 2 types of wrappers: [normal function call] and [function call using await]. Both works like wrappers right in the place where you need them.

> Where would the function suspend
> if there are zero suspension points?

It would not.

> How can you tell what the suspension
> points *in* the coroutine are from "await func()"?

Let me answer this with a question: How can you tell what the suspension points *in* the coroutine are from "async def"?

> Can you show a code snippet of your proposal?
By analogy to PEP 0492:

def complex_calc(a):
    if a >= 0:
        return await open(unicode(a)).read()
    l = await complex_calc(a - 1)
    r = complex_calc(a - 2)
    return l + '; ' + r

def business():
    return complex_calc(5)

def business_new()
    return await complex_calc(10)

Maybe, I completely missed the point of the proposal, but this is the way I would expect it to work. Putting in an 'await' whenever I see fit and it just works.