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A few notes in this:
Maybe we need to help there. For example IIRC conda-forge will build conda packages -- maybe we should offer a service like that for wheels?

Yes, conda-forge used a complex CI system to build binaries conda packages  for a variety of Python versions. And it does have some support for development versions. ONce a "feedstock" is developed, it's remarkably painless to get all the binaries up and available.

I imagine someone could borrow a bunch of that code to make a system to build wheels.

In fact, ther is the MAcPYthon org:


Which began as a place to share building scripts for Mac binaries, but has expanded to build wheels for multiple platforms for the scipy stack. I don't know how it works these days -- I am no longer involved since I discovered conda, but they seem to have some nice stuff there -- perhaps it could be leveraged for more projects.

However: one of the challenges for building C extensions is that they often depend on external C libs -- and that is exactly the problem that conda was built to address. So in a sense, a conda-forge-like auto-build system is inherently easier for conda packages than binary wheels.

Which doesn't mean it couldn't be done -- just that the challenge of third party libs would need to be addressed.

In any case, someone would have to do the work, as usual.


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