On Fri., 20 Dec. 2019, 1:56 pm Tim Peters, <tim.peters@gmail.com> wrote:
So what problem(s) would a dynamic ordered set really be aiming at?  I
don't know.  Consistency & predictability I understand and appreciate,
but little beyond that.  Even FIFO ordering is somewhat a PITA, since
`next(iter(set))` is an overly elaborate way to need to spell "get the
first" if a FIFO queue _is_ a prime dynamic use case.  And there's no
efficient way at all to access the other end (although I suppose
set.pop() would - like dict.popitem() - change to give a _destructive_
way to get at "the other end").

I must admit that I was assuming without stating that a full OrderedSet implementation would support the MutableSequence interface.

Dictionaries can't do that because they already support the MutableMapping interface.