Could we have side-by-side English and whatever translated language? Then also use some sort of typographic indicator like color to show when the translation is out of date?

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What percent of lines is changed between bugfix releases? Feature releases?

My largest apprehension is that the documentation can be outdated and
quickly become degraded if main contributors left it.
If the original text (english) changes, untranslated text is
displayed, not outdated text.
I think that's much worse than showing the outdated text. I don't see
any point on showing half English and half French text if the reader
can't understand the other half of it.

Fair point (especially if you substitute a language totally unrelated to English (e.g. Turkish, Finnish, Urdu, Japanese) for "French").  But it can be turned around:
    Popular demand would encourage whoever is maintaining the translated versions to catch up within a reasonable time when changes are made.
    It would nudge non-English readers to look at the untranslated English text and begin/develop their knowledge of English.
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