Plain distutils won't detect it. It would be easy enough to fix 2.7.9, but "update Python" is a big/impossible ask for a lot of people, whereas "update setuptools" is easy and also covers Python 2.6 and <3.3.

The compiler installer can't set the keys that distutils looks for without losing the per-user installation, and it may also corrupt actual installs of Visual Studio. A monkey patch via setuptools was the best way to handle this - covers pip and Cython and can be ported to other libraries that care but avoid setuptools.

Now that we have a patch, there's very limited value in fixing 2.7.9, IMO. But I'm willing to be convinced - we can always add a version check to the setuptools patch.


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From: Antoine Pitrou
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> Hi all,
> (This is advance notice since people on this list will be interested. Official announcements are coming when setuptools makes their next release.)

When you mention "setuptools", do you imply it doesn't work with plain



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