Hi Barry,

After the feedback and seeing how busy the 3.10 release is being, I was not expecting less. As mentioned, I have no rush in getting this through. Let's put the right time into it.
I have been updating the PEP with the feedback you gave me and I expect to get an updated version up before the end of the week.


On Mon, 26 Apr 2021 at 20:39, Barry Warsaw <barry@python.org> wrote:
Hi Mario,

The Python Steering Council today decided that we will defer consideration of PEP 648 to Python 3.11.  On March 30, 2021 we sent the following feedback to you via python-dev, which began a discussion thread:


We on the SC extend our thanks again for the PEP, and encourage you to continue to work on this PEP for pronouncement in Python 3.11.

(on behalf of the Python Steering Council)