If it's organized in time we could scoop up some of the SoC applicants who we'll like to have but we won't have slots for

Honestly I like the idea of competitions.  Better publicity, the greater prizes will draw out some better minds from the community, and competitions based on quality will help ensure usable code.  They could vary in reward based on how difficult the problem is and perhaps have some Python swag as runner-up prizes.

It'd also be a great way to promote Python 3.

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Steve Holden <steve@holdenweb.com> wrote:
Arc Riley wrote:
>     That makes it a much better candidate for GHOP that SoC, which requires
>     projects with a little more meat on them.
> Yes it does.
> Though many organizations have taken to funding their own GHOPs.
> Perhaps this year PSF can use the SoC funds ($500/student) to host a
> bounty-sprint program much like GHOP?
> IIRC, GHOP paid $100 per 3 tasks.  With the economy in the tank this
> could attract a lot more than highschool students.  Honestly I wish SoC
> was structured more like GHOP, it seemed much more effective and for the
> same funding could run year-round.
> Or the same funds could be used to host various optimization
> competitions, replacement Py3 extension/type/function must match API and
> pass unit testing.  Fastest solution wins (ie) $1000 and fame for the
> person or team that submitted it.
> Something to keep in mind and for the PSF board to ponder for this Fall.
Why wait until Fall if it's a good idea? The summer vacation would
surely be the ideal time for this, and that would mean we should start
planning soon.

Anyway, the first requirement would be some enthusiasm from the
developer team for mobilizing such a potential source of assistance.

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