Congrats Christian! It sounds like this will open new avenues for PyPy (and maybe also for Qt/PySide6).


On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 4:25 AM Christian Tismer-Sperling <> wrote:
Hi Guido et. al.,

since May 2021 I have been working at running PyPy on PySide6,
which was a difficult undertaking, since PyPy internally is quite
a bit different.

I declared the project to be ready-to-use when the Mandelbrot
example of the PySide examples
is working.

This was finally solved this week on 2022-02-01, so we have the

     first advanced Gui working with PyPy

and with the amazing result of speed:

PyPy 3.8 works
     10 times faster than the identical code on Python 3.10
     5.5 times slower than the same example in C++ Qt.

I think to send an official announce when this is available on pip.

This effort marks the completion of my PyPy support, which began
in 2003 and ended involuntarily in 2006 due to a stroke.

All the best -- Chris
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