Why would a VIM build refer to the export file for python?


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Date: Friday, July 27, 2018 at 10:27 AM
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Subject: [DLFILTER] [Python-Dev] Exporting Python functions on AIX




My excuse if this is not the appropriate list for a question essentially concerning the AIX port of Python.


The current port of Python for AIX includes composing an export file (/lib/python2.7/config/python.exp) in which there are a number of functions starting “Py_” or “_Py_”.


The Vim package for AIX is built referencing the python.exp file and unfortunately, when functions are removed from libpython, even those which are not called, the vim command detects missing symbols.


The most recent case (May 2017), functions _Py_hgidentity, _Py_hgversion and _Py_svnversion were replaced/removed, see “bpo-27593: Get SCM build info from git instead of hg (#1327)”.


Is it correct to assume that the “_Py_” functions are internal (Python name space) that should/must not be called by or made visible to application code  ?


Could you indicate a URL to the authoritative API documentation ?


Thanks for your replies.


Mike Wilson