Agreed. I've made both of these changes.

Thanks for the suggestions


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From: Brett Cannon
Sent: 2/21/2015 14:13
To: Ben Hoyt; Python-Dev
Subject: Re: [Python-Dev] [Python-checkins] cpython: Issue #23152: Implement _Py_fstat() to support files larger than 2 GB on

On Sat Feb 21 2015 at 4:23:16 PM Ben Hoyt <> wrote:
When merging some changes while working on scandir, I noticed a minor issue with this commit:

The definition of "struct win32_stat" has been moved to fileutils.h and renamed to "struct _Py_stat_struct", which is fine -- however, the old "struct win32_stat" definition is still present (but unused) in posixmodule.c.

So I think the old "struct win32_stat { ... }" definition can simply be removed from posixmodule.c now.

I don't think win32_stat is part of the stable ABI so as long as everything keeps working then I don't see why it needs to stick around.

Also, unrelated to this commit, I notice the _Py_attribute_data_to_stat function (was attribute_data_to_stat) can't fail and always returns 0, and all callers ignore its return value anyway. Can it be changed to return void?

Don't see why not since it's a private API.