Hello pydev,

This is a meta-question which I hope is appropriate in this list (**). Recently I've switched to to VIM as my main development platform (in terms of code editing and navigation). Working on the Python code-base is both a concrete requirement and a yardstick for me - I want to be as effective as possible at it. Therefore I would like to ask those of you working on Python's code with VIM about your setups - the special tweaks to VIM & plugins you use to make working with the code as simple and effective as possible.

Myself, since I'm still a VIM newbie, my setup is quite spartan. I created tags with:

ctags -R Grammar Include Modules/ Objects/ Parser/ Python/

And now happily browse around the source code with Ctrl-], Ctrl-I/O, Ctrl-T and so on. I've also installed the Taglist plugin to show all functions/macros in open buffers - it's sometimes helpful. Other plugins I've found useful ar NERD-commenter (for commenting out chunks of code) and highlight_current_line (for a visual cue of where I am in a file).
Besides, I've taken the suggested settings from the .vimrc file in Misc/ to help enforcing PEP-8.

I heard that there are more sophisticated tags plugins that also allow one to check where a function is called for, and other intellisens-y stuff, though I'm not sure whether anyone uses it for Python's code.

Thanks in advance,

(**) Note that it deals with the source code *of Python* (the stuff you download from Python's official SVN), not Python source code.