You're almost certainly aware of this, but just to double check since you don't mention it in the email: cython is also a great tool for handling similar situations. Not quite the same since in addition to generating all the boilerplate for you it then lets you use almost-python to actually write the C implementations as well, and I understand that with your tool you write the actual implementations in C. But probably also worth considering in cases where you'd consider this tool, so wanted to make sure it was on your radar.

On Feb 11, 2016 8:21 AM, "Hugh Fisher" <> wrote:
I've written a Python program named fullOfEels to speed up the first
stages of writing Python extension modules in C.

It is not a replacement for SWIG, SIP, or ctypes. It's for the case
where you want to work in the opposite direction, specifying a Python
API and then writing an implementation in C. (A small niche maybe, but
I hope it isn't just me who sometimes works this way.)

The input is a Python module specifying what it should do but not how,
with all the functions, classes, and methods being just pass. The
output is a pair of .h and .c files with all the boilerplate C code
required: module initialization, class type structs, C method
functions and method tables.

Downloadable from

All feedback and suggestions welcome.


        Hugh Fisher
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